Month: January 2018

Business Opportunity ……

Wealth Wisdom Together This is our slogan ! INR 550 cr project – 20 percent for printing the ten million sets. 20 + 20 percent for distributors and retailers network. 20 percent for promotions,seminars,advertisement on electronic and web media etc.

Business Opportunity with INR 550 Crore Project.

Hi ! All three books set named Moti Ke Ped- Chunav 2017-2019 ,will cost rs.550. The plannng is to print and distribute 10 million sets in India before LOKSBHA ELECTION 2024 ,means maximum upto 31st dec2023. Other special editions are

MOTI KE PED – CHUNAV 2017-2019

MOTI KE PED – CHUNAV 2017-2019 This book is a total guide for THE MASTER PLAN – AAMOOL KRANTI, SWARNIM BHAVISHYA KA JANM. This book has approx. 500 pages. NOTEBANDI,AAGE KYA and RAM – EK SAHASIK ABHIYAN books are parts


A book -published by 2A lotus publication,written by SWAMI KRIPASHANKAR BHARTI (SHRI KRIPASHANKAR C PANDEY)