CHUNAV : 2017-2019 ( LOKSABHA ELECTION :2019}

This loksabha election 2019 is an experiment of TRUTH and HONESTY .

AAMOOL KRANTI – SWARMIM BHAVISHYA KA JANM ,this program will be the way.

ZUP or ZUOP app and the book -MOTI KE PED ,CHUNAV :2017-2019 are tools to establish a TRUE DEMOCRACY in INDIA.

We are going to circulate minimum 10 million copies of the book amongst voters of INDIA in 12 languages.

Now the challenge is to publish and circulate 10 million copies of the book. This challenge is creating opportunities of some businesses for book publishers and an unique opportunity to search M.P {Member of Parliament } Candidates.

WEALTH WISDOM TOGETHER – this is our slogan. Above idea will fund our election companion .

As we know, POLITICS WITHOUT POLITICAL PARTIES this is our basic principle and our candidate is surrendering all his properties  for the welfare of his/her area and in future , he/she will not build any own wealth AND we or he/she will not take any donation from any one . This WEALTH WISDDOM TOGETHER concept is worth and trustful.

SO ,Welcome to new DIMENTION of POLITICS |


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