Vision and Mission

Zorba Foundation Vision and MissionConcept

The passion of life – LIVE YOUR DREAMS, the tragedy of life – DREAM YOUR LIVING. Knowing the purpose of life, knowing the desires, ambitions you have, awareness towards your goals and priorities, chasing the dreams – these can help you in MAKING A LIFE.

The key of happiness – MAKE A LIFE not just LIVING.

We have got the “JUST LIVING” mode by birth as a first step, now we need to take second step. ZRF is the second step and Zorba is the fruit.


  1. Whole mankind is a united family
  2. There is no time to repay the debt of LOVE, where is the time to fight and hate?
  3. Whole mankind is walking towards a golden future
  4. What is the best is in our hands
  5. Making this planet – Earth, the best place to live


To build a strong foundation for the welfare of the whole mankind, with the help of great thinkers, philosophers, intellectuals, philanthropists of the world.

To develop a platform where all great personalities can perform with their fullest potential.

Mission Statement

Every individual has the right to have a blooming life, he has the right to enjoy his individuality, he has the right of happiness, he has the right to live his fullest potential …We are here to help him!!!